Friday, 1 February 2013

Carnival of Fear (2011)


(Screener Copy)

Directed by Jay Woelfel

Written by Jay Woelfel

Stars: Aimee Brooks, Damian Maffei and Joe Unger

Release: UK DVD April 2 2012, courtesy of 101 films

Extending my thanks once more to Steve Davey of 101 Films for allowing me to review Joe woelfel’s Carnival of Fear (Known as Closed for the Season elsewhere).

The overall plot of the film doesn't give much away which is not a bad thing however this is definitely a movie where a lot of confusing things are relentlessly thrown at you so you must keep up – and even then you may find yourself perplexed. A young girl named Kristy is trapped in a creepy amusement park and finds herself tormented by all manner of nasty things – she wants to escape….they want her to stay forever….

One truly great thing about this film is its amazing imagery. Even if you find yourself a bit lost on the plot (I did) you cannot fault all of the grotesque evils that are hunting Kristy (well played by Aimee Brooks) through what I think is a brilliant setting. The lake monster in particular is awesome and I loved this part of the film.

There is also some impressive gore sequences and I really enjoyed what they did this element. Gore hounds should be suitably impressed by the amount of hacked off limbs and splattery effects and although this film is by no means a slasher movie, it still delivers in the nasty goods.

As I already mentioned the plot is a tough one. Therefore you see characters die many times due to the surreal and offbeat structure of the film leaving you really unsure of the intentions behind it. Still if you can get past this and just decide to take it for the interesting elements then you will surely find some enjoyment in Carnival of Fear.

Definitely give this one a whirl if you are not a stickler for a film that is very black and white in nature and leaves everything easily in place for you to figure it all out. The film has a great setting some decent acting and best of all its visual imagery is bloody brilliant. Head on other to Amazon UK now to grab yourself a copy!

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