Friday, 18 May 2012

A Chance In Hell (2011) (Short)

(screener copy)

Directed by Tony Wash

Written by Johnny 5 & Tony Wash

Stars: Kevin Zaideman, Kendyl Lynch, Chad Meyer, Adam Stephenson, Steven James Price, Doug Heiar, Tony Lee Gratz, James Barbee, Kyle Anthony Silviera

After the demon/slasher/gore epic that was It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To (review forthcoming), I was thrilled at the chance of checking out Tony Wash's next effort; the horror short A Chance In Hell. 

The story goes like this; it's winter, 1944 and a group of American soldiers are closing in on a Nazi facility where experiments are being conducted on concentration camp victims. The end goal of these experiments, headed up by the evil Dr Bucher (Chad Meyer) is to create a new type of 'super soldier' for combat. During a last ditch attempt to make this plan a reality, the Nazis end up unleashing a snarling, blood thirty monster in the form of a previously helpless young girl. It's safe to say that when the Americans descend they get a whole lot more than they bargained for as the recently zombiefied Nazis close ranks...and they are hungry.

A Chance in Hell  has a lot of great things going for it. Its astoundingly well shot for one - it looks like it could easily be shown in your local cinema this weekend; crisp clear and professional. I also want to praise the claustrophobic atmosphere of the movie - the Nazi facility is very eerie and isolated and the winter setting especially night really reinforces this. The gore in the film is incredible; you have face ripping, gut munching and bodies torn in half. In actual fact the film is pretty fierce, furious and frenetic from the moment  the young girl goes feral all the way to the end, so gore hounds will have a great time with this films 32 minute running time.

I strongly urge people to check this film out if they can, it gives a authentically dark spin on the zombie genre and effectively merges this with the depressing horrors of war. Its also very well made, excellently acted and packs an amazing punch in such a short amount of time.

Tony's company Scotchworthy Productions are also currently working on a new film, The Storm, a roller derby/alien hybrid promising 'a sexy, ass kicking, genre melding horror bonanza '. Please help support independent cinema by checking out the films Kickstarter page out and donating if you are able to - it really will help these guys make the best movie they can.

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