Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Short Films of Jeremiah Kipp

I wanted to give a huge shout out to film maker Jeremiah Kipp who has waited far too long and far too patiently for me to do a piece covering his short films. I really enjoyed the shorts and how varied they are in tone and delivery. I will review each one in turn so read on......


Directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Written by Russ Penning

Stars: Deneen Melody


Crestfallen is a 6 minute haunting short with a beautiful and harrowing performance by indie horror starlet Deneen Melody.  It’s actually a wonderfully original reflection of suicide and desperation as we watch events from Deneen’s characters life after she cuts her wrists open and begins to edge toward death.
Since the film does not feature any dialogue there needs to be other elements to make it interesting in order for it to both stand out and retain viewer interest. In Crestfallen it’s all about the atmosphere helped along nicely by a haunting score (courtesy of the one and only Harry Manfredini!).
This is one of those films where you watch the plight of another human being and despite knowing its fictional, you want to jump on in there and rescue them, and that is one mean feat to achieve from a 6 minute film so that’s high praise to Jeremiah Kipp!

I recommend this short as its both haunting and original and boasts a bit of a tear jerking performance from Deneen Melody. It’s also signal of great things to come from its director Jeremiah Kipp.


Directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Stars: Laura Lona, Brian Uhrich

Now here is a journey into the outright surreal. Drool, a highly experimental short basically depicts two people rolling around together in what looks like slime! Its an odd and unsettling experience to watch if I am honest and made me a feel a bit uneasy, perhaps it is slightly too experimental for me? That said the direction is strange and stylish and the fact that it is shot in black and white really works for it.

There's something bizarre, voyeuristic and creepy about this short that you will have to watch yourself to see what I mean. Some definite points for giving David Lynch a bit of a shove out of the way.


Directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Stars:  Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Robb Leigh Davis, Alan Rowe Kelly, Katherine O' Sullivan.

contact - zoe-2.jpg

Here is a short that if there is any justice, should make you scream no to drugs! Stylishly shot in black and white, Contact tells the tale of a young woman (Zoe Daelman Chlanda) and her other half who end up on a very very bad trip after taking some drugs they have just bought from a shady dealer.

Contact takes you on a horrific journey as we follow the after effects of this consummation of what was supposed to be a bit of fun. Be prepared for surreal imagery, nudity and grue as things go from bad to much worse.  To say much more would be a disservice so I will just say catch this short film NOW and expect something truly shocking and jaw dropping.

The film also boasts the most fantastic of indie horror casts, you have Alan Rowe Kelly (I’ll Bury you Tomorrow, The Blood Shed, Tales of Poe and Gallery of Fear), Zoe Daelman Chlanda (I’ll Bury you Tomorrow, By Her Hand She Draws You Down, Gallery of Fear, Psycho Street, The Blood Shed) Katherine O’Sullivan (The Blood Shed, I’ll Bury you Tomorrow, Gallery of Fear) Ruby LaRocca (Porkchop, Bleeding Through, Witch’s Brew, Zombie Babies, Presidents Day)  and Bart Mastronardi (Director of Vindication and Producer of Gallery of Fear and Tales of Poe) – quite the amazing bunch of loyal horror talent!

Here’s hoping we get a feature from Mr Kipp soon in the future as he certainly has the ability, the passion and the directorial style to give fans something exciting and new!

Find out more about Jeremiah and his work right HERE!

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