Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Play Dead Grandpa (2013)

(Online Screener)

Directed by Stefan Fernandez

Written by Stefan Fernandez

Stars: Martin Pfefferkorn and Jeannie Kempa

This nifty little short film from Stefan Fernandez shows that too many sick practical jokes can really sour a marriage.

Featuring Martin Pfefferkorn as Albert, a man who enjoys nothing more than setting up constant stunts to make his loving wife Martha (Jeannie Kempa) believe he is dead, this short soon takes a macabre turn. Like some of the best Tales From Crypt episodes, this film has a neat and satisfyingly dark ending as things go terribly wrong for Albert and funnily enough there is no help in sight. Think the boy who cried wolf with a geriatric twist. 

I think Stefan has done a grand job with Play Dead Grandpa (shameless pun, sorry!) and displays a wonderfully mean but playful sense of humor. I loved the montage of scenes depicting the ways in which Albert has terrorised his wife in the past and I think he has managed to pack a great story into the 8 minute running time. 

The short is professionally shot and has some nice, almost surreal, shots particularly those showing the couple laughing together. This and the fact the film was entertaining with an awesome sting in the tale makes me look forward very much to more work from Stefan. Find out more about Play Dead Grandpa over at its official Facebook page and see it as soon as you can!

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