Sunday, 14 July 2013

Morbid (2013)

Directed by Chuck Conry

Written by Chuck Conry

Stars: Olivia Hiers, Brandon Magouirk, Ryan Grooms, Jessi Grissom, Richard Chilton, Johnathan Cantrell, Kelly Carver, Michael Huffer, Ethan Willis, Kyle Quinn, Taylor Bonner, Maranda Faris, Craig Sanders, Jamie S. Braman, Jackie Offenbacker, Paul Myers, Reva Hagen, Cody Hagen, Laura Tucker, Steven Turner Jr, Devin Walls

Many of you have probably been hearing a lot about independent slasher film Morbid for some time now. If not for the promotion of the film depicting a maniac in a very cool mask going about his business then possibly for the guy behind the film. Chuck Conry, creator of the awesome horror website Zombies Don't Run, has stepped out of his writing shoes and made his own horror movie. Not only is this seriously impressive it's also extremely wonderful to see a fellow horror fan take the steps to create something for himself that is true to his passion. 

So the film itself has a nice simple plot as is the usual with many a slasher movie. Crazed killer stalks small town and a group of obnoxious teens are his prey. However there are many fun things thrown into the mix to spice things up such as a hugely entertaining debate at the start, over horror films that either had me nodding in agreement or yelling at the screen in disagreement. A great way to kick off the movie which also shows the breadth of Chucks knowledge of some of the horror greats and also highlights some of the more frustrating lacks of knowledge which you know will irk the most devoted of horror fan. It also plays with typical horror conventions such as having a young man take a shower at the start as the killer closes in rather than a large breasted female! 

As the film heads towards the end of its short running time (about an hour) the body count ratchets up with some hilarious kills (watch out for that arm stabbing) and our very obvious final girl must try to outwit the masked psychopath! 

Now please bear in mind that this is is very low budget movie. Therefore you can expect some ropy acting, cheap special effects an of course (purposeful mind you) cheesy dialogue. However you can also see that Morbid was made with a great big horror loving heart and I am sure that any fan of independent horror cinema will get a good kick out of it. Good job Chuck.

Please check out Zombies Don't Run to see just how much hard work and support this guy puts into the world of horror film and I will keep you posted on any news I hear regarding when you might be able to catch Morbid for yourself! 

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