Friday, 5 July 2013

Lucid (2013)

Directed by PJ Woodside

Written by PJ Woodside

Produced by Steve Hudgins and PJ Woodside 

Stars: Brittney Saylor, Bill Johnson, PJ Woodside, Michael Coon, Steve Hudgins, Felicia Stewart, Scott Cummings, Megan Jones, Craig Angel, Jim Foreman

I was so chuffed to receive my DVD copy of the brand new Big Biting Pig Productions movie last week - every summer for the past few years this amazing companies new horror/thriller film has premi√®red and subsequently been released immediately to DVD. This year was no exception. Sooooooo...what's the new one all about? Well Lucid works excellently as both a thought provoking insight into the more complex side  of sleep and dreaming as well as a shock laden thriller.  Written and directed by PJ Woodside (who also has a meaty role in the film) and co produced by PJ and Steve Hudgins, Lucid marks another win in BBP's growing slate of movies.

Monica (Brittney Saylor) is becoming increasingly distressed by her horrifying nightmares. As the problem continues to escalate Monica fears that it could end her relationship with Kevin (Michael Coon) not least because she fears she may end up killing him in her sleep! Yes, the problem is THAT bad. 

Clearly poor Monica needs some real help and it seems her therapist Faith (a scene stealing performance by PJ Woodside herself) isn't doing much to provide Monica with the support she needs. After hearing about a  programme ran by a famous sleep therapist (Scott Cummings) Monica becomes ever more determined to seek the help she needs. However Monica is going down a dark path and as the intensity of her dreams grow, the lives of those closest to her are placed in danger. 

I really enjoyed Lucid with its many twists and turns and ominous plot. You are never quite sure where the film is going to take you and whether you are witnessing a real event or one of Monica's many disturbing dreams. I also felt that it built to a fantastic climax and I for one was on the edge of my seat, eager to know how it would all end. 

The movie had some great performances with Brittney Saylor as the haunted Monica and PJ Woodside as the acerbic and untrustworthy Faith. Special props to PJ for releasing her inner demon for this role and playing a VERY different character to any I have seen her play before. I think the vivacious red hair also helped - just saying. 

Anothrr great film from this fantastic independent company. I would rank Lucid as an absolute must see and you can find out more about it HERE

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