Monday, 18 March 2013

The Taking (2012)


(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Cezil Reed, Lydelle Jackson

Written by Cezil Reed, Lydelle Jackson

Stars: Alana Jackler, John Halas, Lynette Gaza, Gordon Price, Olivia Szego, Frank Bliss, Linda Kennedy, Lynn Mastio Rice, Nick Hanson.

Thank you to writer and director Lydelle Jackson for sending me an online screener of his surreal horror film The Taking.

The film involves a young man named Carl (John Halas) out for revenge against his fianc√© and best friend due to their discovered affair. However Carl is about to find out that sometimes you should just let go of your demons as he lands himself in a far worse predicament. Captured by a crazed family Carl is tied to a tree in the woods alongside a young lady named Jade (Alana Jackler) who has been subjected to the same horrors as he. As the pair are put through several horrifying rituals, we are left to wonder what exactly is happening to these two haunted individuals...and why?

A crazed family capturing and torturing strangers for unknown reasons may just be enough to turn you off if torture films just aren't your thing. Please don't judge this one without giving it a chance as what you will get here is a far different experience - this is a highly artistic, beautiful film filled with gruesome and idiosyncratic images.  To say anymore about The Taking's plot would take away from the viewers enjoyment so I will leave it to you all to get hold of this film on its release and experience this charming, odd and often horrifying film for yourself.

On other matters; there are some absolutely stunning visuals in this film. Everything just looks so vibrant and colourful and the beauty I alluded to earlier is front and centre due to this. There are also some fantastic shots and some you won't be able to help drawing comparison with The Evil Dead.

The acting is likewise impressive and our leads, John Halas and Alana Jackler really nail their roles.

Check out The Taking on Facebook and find out more about this little gem and how you may be able to see it. Cezil Reed and Lydelle Jackson have created something otherwordly and beguiling here and The Taking is WELL worth your time.

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