Tuesday, 11 October 2011

PANMAN (2011)


(Screener Copy)

Directed by Tim Pilleri (Bucket of Blood Films).
Written by Tim Pilleri

Stars: G. Larry Butler, Talia Tabin, Tina Molina, Tim Pilleri.
His blood is boiling....

Who DOESNT want to see a horror movie about a pan headed serial killer? I was personally sold as soon as I discovered that PANMAN would indeed feature a pan headed maniac with a penchant for kitchen utensil related carnage. 
While the premise of the movie may come off as mindless 80’s style horror fare (not a bad thing mind), there is actually far more going on in this movie than the average horror fan may expect. You have a love story complete with (violent) break up, outrageous (yet highly effective) comedy and a fleshed out back story to explain the history of our saucepan-wearing slasher.  In essence the movie features a psycho slashing, demon chef who has been bumping off Culinary School students (run by the zany professor Hunter) for years.  But there are people out there who know PANMAN’S secrets and they have a little plan in place to take him out for good. ......
As one might expect PANMAN is a horror comedy. Horror comedy isn’t an easy task to pull off because, as we all know, one element (often both) fails miserably to complement the other. In the case of some films I think it would have been safer to stick to either the scares – or the laughs. Tim Pilleri, the man behind this often hilarious gem, doesn’t need to worry about that usually ill fitting dynamic. While there aren’t any real scares as such, the horror elements are handled brilliantly, in particular the opening scene. Everything from the score, the atmosphere, the cheesy dialogue and finally the creative kills just screamed 80’s slasher flick. This in turn was followed up by the kind of cool title sequence you might see in an old Stuart Gordon flick.  Consistently permeated with a sharp sense of humour along with some out and out spoof gags (funeral cake anyone) there is never really a moment to long for another splash of blood amidst the comedy.
It would be an injustice not to point out how well shot PANMAN  is. It’s clear and crisp and the direction is spot on, particularly in the stalking scenes.  The acting was also pretty good with the bonkers and eventually crazed   Professor Hunter and sweet yet vengeful Justice being clear standouts. The PANMAN  hit squad were all fun to watch and it makes a nice change to see these falling foul of the demon chefs murderous antics in the climax rather than a bunch of squabbling teenagers. Not that there aren’t any squabbling teenagers biting the big one - it’s just not all about them. And it works.
All in all PANMAN  is an effective and fun horror comedy featuring the most brilliantly absurd of new horror icons. As I said before, Who DOESNT want to see a horror movie about a pan headed serial killer? I can’t wait to see what Tim and his team come up with next – maybe a PANMAN sequel? Or the creation of another kitchen utensil related serial killer?? I would bet there are many ideas a-cooking so watch this space! Also please do support the movie if you can – hopefully news of a distribution deal is forthcoming so you can lay your greasy paws on a PANMAN  DVD and bring the horror home.  
More details on the film and Director Tim Pilleri can be found this-a-way: www.whoispanman.com so check it out!

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