Wednesday, 3 August 2011

(3) Slices of Life (2010)


DVD Release date: June 7 2011 (USA)

Written by Anthony G. Sumner, Eric Richter, Alan Rowe Kelly

Directed by Anthony G. Sumner

Stars: Kaylee Williams, Merve Blauvelt  and Helene Alter-Dyche.

For those fans out there who are really appreciating the new surge of Tales From the Crypt style anthology flicks such as ‘Drive-in Horror Show’ writer and director Anthony G. Sumner has really come up with the goods for you with his new film ‘Slices of Life’. The movie has quite rightfully been receiving a lot of buzz and high praise over the past year or so and received its anticipated DVD release June 7 this year.

The movie consists of three stories (Work Life, Home Life, Sex Life) with a genuinely intriguing wrap around story, featuring a sweet and vulnerable performance by rising scream queen Kaylee Williams. Considering its extremely low budget this movie far exceeds expectations – It’s well made, well written and features a number of strong performances, particularly from its female actors.
Opening tale ‘W.O.R.M,’ (Work Life) is an hilarious story of a nano virus gone horribly wrong, resulting in a blood bath of body horror and out and out gore. It’s basically a zombie tale with a techno twist and very enjoyable to boot. It may also be worth pointing out that the always superb Alan Rowe Kelly provides a freakishly entertaining cameo here as a sexy web cam vamp – fans will certainly be thrilled. Admittedly W.O.R.M is the least enjoyable of the three shorts but isn’t to take away from its entertainment value.

Second up ‘Amber Alert’ (Home Life) is a dark tale involving child kidnap, demonic haunting and a disturbing resolution which rears its head at the end in gory fashion (*Ahem * Sledgehammer scene!) Toya Turner as the pregnant-lead-in-peril, shines here as her character ‘Vonda’ really raising the bar for acting within independent horror. I wouldn’t want to give away the ending of this short so to conclude it’s a great little movie and extremely engrossing along with it.
Finally you get the craziest segment of the bunch ‘Pink Snapper’. This gory little short involves a brother and sister on the run, a house masking a gruesome secret and all kinds of the red stuff.  Another scream queen in the making, Deneen Melody, plays the damaged female character ‘Susan’ to perfection in this tale. After supposedly killing her abusive Uncle, Susan’s brother Eric (Galen Shloeming) takes her on the run where they stumble upon a far more dangerous horror.  I wouldn’t want to give too much away regarding the climax of Pink Snapper except to say you may find yourself crossing your legs VERY tightly! This segment really ends the anthology part of the movie on a blood splattered high.

The wrap around segment serves to tie things up in an original and interesting manner but again it should be seen first hand. Slices of Life is one of those indie flicks that needs to be seen and appreciated as it really does bring the horror goods. The film seems to be quickly finding its audience which is just fantastic to see – purchasing a copy comes highly recommended.

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