Friday, 11 April 2014

Murderdrome (2014)


Directed by Daniel Armstrong 

Written by Daniel Armstrong 

Stars: Kat Anderson, Daisy Masterman, Amber Sajben 

Release: May 12 2014,UK DVD Courtesy of Monster Pictures. 

Big thanks to Monster Pictures UK for sharing a screener of slice, dice and roller-skate film MurderDrome with me! I have been very interested in this Australia produced flick since I heard about it so was delighted to get the chance to check it out.

The plot of Murderdrome is simple – two rival roller derby teams find much more to worry about than their distinct hatred for one another when a dark evil from the past sets about cutting them down to size – literally. As girls from both sides of the fence start dropping like flies, it’s up to feisty ‘Cherry Skye’(Amber Sajben) to try to put a lid on the chaos before there’s no one left to compete against ...or with for that matter!

MurderDrome is low budget, make no bones about it. Obviously for someone like me that’s no issue as I love a good film made  for next to nothing. However I also wouldn't want to deter people from this film who perhaps like a bit more polish to their horror film because MurderDrome also has plenty to recommend it.  First, there is some nice comedy running throughout and I definitely laughed out loud several times. There are some great characters with brilliant team member names (aforementioned Cherry Skye, Trans Em, Princess Bitchface (YES!)  Hell Grazer and many more) AND there is plenty of splattery grue and gore to keep the hounds happy.

I think that Daniel Armstrong and team did a fine job of giving horror fans a trip back to the gory days of horror cinema where all you needed to do was pop open a can, sit back and enjoy. I think there is plenty more to come from Mr Armstrong and whether it be a MurderDrome sequel or something entirely new I am in.

UK readers can grab a copy of MurderDrome from the 12 May and if you want to get a pre-order in then check out Amazon!  You can also follow the films official Facebook right here.  Get your skates on people! (sorry….)

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