Thursday 8 August 2013

The Bible Belt Slasher II : The Holy Terror (2013) + Bonus Short The Bible Belt Slasher!

Directed by Bradley Creanzo

Written by Bradley Creanzo

Stars: Bradley Creanzo, Taylor Raftree, Keri Korner, Greg Huneke, Stella DiFabio, Dan Del Ben, Travis Raftree, Andy Salmon, Siddharth Gupta, Genoveva Rossi, Nicolina Hemingway, Robert J. Huntley, Missy Heather Byron and Larry Baumer as ''Jason Fry''

The Bible Belt Slasher 

This review is largely going to be about Bradley Creanzo's awesome 80s inspired feature The Bible Belt Slasher II: The Holy Terror but first I want to touch on the short that started it all: The Bible Belt Slasher. In the short Bradley pulls off an entertaining revenge slasher all in the space of 25 minutes as a deranged, former mental patient goes gunning for the obnoxious teenagers who made him the butt of their joke. No lie when I say just how badly our crazed killer Larry Baumer (Jason Fry) takes out his rage on the young pranksters. Brutal drillings, drownings, bashings and even a mouthful of what appears to be DIY glue! As the group dwindles very quickly you soon wonder if anyone will survive this gore laden night!

I REALLY had fun with this short film. Some very very nice touches to support the fact that this is set in the 80s; the costumes work wonders and the party dance scene is not just a hoot but downright genius (plus I LOVED the track!!!). Well worth your time for a quick and fun slasher fix.

The Bible Belt Slasher II: The Holy Terror

Now...onto the sequel which is actually an 1.45 minute feature. The film sees the return of nutty Jason Fry as he sees fit to take an almighty revenge on those related to his former victims - all over the family friendly time of Christmas!

Rebecca Belle (Taylor Raftree) our lead girl, is sister of Regina (also played by Raftree) from the original short and after he makes his gruesome escape from the mental hospital, she is understandably concerned that she could soon become a new victim! Of course Jason has a lot of slicing and dicing to do before he gets to Rebecca so the audience can kick back with a nice cold beer and watch the madness commence!

The film features some great kills, some of which are Christmas inspired in keeping with the plot (ahem christmas star....) there is also a wince inducing disembowelment and lots of other messy kills. Good work on delivering the nastiness!

Maybe not all of the acting is incredible but its easily forgivable. I have never sat through an 80s slasher film judging it on the actors ability of lack thereof. However there are some definite standout performances which I really enjoyed! Taylor Raftree I found to be impressive in both roles of Rebecca and Regina. I preferred the Rebecca role purely because we get to know the character a lot more and she made for a great final girl, 80s jumper and hairdo and all! 

I have to applaud Bradley Creanzo who seems to be creatively involved in almost all aspects of this film including playing the major role of Dr Lander's, a man desperate to catch Jason Fry upon his escape. A great amount of heart and soul - not to mention slasher knowledge - has gone into this film which you can see from the outfits, music, dialogue and brilliant nods to other slasher movies. In addition the running time of the film really allowed Bradley and co to explore Jason Fry more fully as a character and flesh out his history both before the previous murders and since them. Using characters who have connections to those who died in the original short also works to excellent effect in binding the movies together and giving the sequel a more dramatic edge.

I cant wait to see what Bradley Creanzo comes up with next be it a new movie or a BBS part 3 - a good eye for the elements of slasher movies that keep fans flocking back is what the industry needs.

Check out the official Bible Belt Slasher II : The Holy Terror Facebook Page to find out more and be sure to pick up a copy as soon as you can!

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