Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bloody Wedding (2012)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Robert Hoover

Written by Patty Sharkey, Mike Merickel,

Stars: Jordan Bates, Brad Coffey, Kurt Finney, Marguerite Insolia, Kevin Kennedy, AJ Martin, Kate Murdoch, Mike Pfaff, Pason, Sandy Rhineberger, Armand Rouleau, Ryan Sulak and Tawny Young

MASSIVE thanks to Patty Sharkey, Co Writer of Bloody Wedding for sending me a screener copy for review. This type of movie is SO much my kind of thing I cant tell you enough and I am so pleased to report that it did not disappoint.

The plot is a simple as you like; a group of family members convene for a wedding only to start to fall foul of a mental case out for blood. What makes Bloody Wedding so fun and entertaining is its mixture of characters such as the mean step mother, super bitch half sister from hell, drunk father and so on. Its almost like an episode of Dynasty with a great big meat cleaver through it.

So anyway; Pierce (Ryan Sulak) and Cindy (Kate Murdoch) are tying the knot and they head off to a beautiful lakeside mountain resort in order to make their vows. With this comes the introduction of Pierce to Cindy's interesting mix of family members. You have the aforementioned drunk father (AJ Martin) unsympathetic and cold step mother (Sandy Rhineberger) and flame haired, viper half sister (Pason) on top of this there are various other characters such as Cindy's kind brother (Brad Coffey), Pierces rude as hell (seriously) best friend (Jordan Bates) and brother (Mike Pfaff). Here we have quite the colourful menu for our mysterious killer to pick from and its not long before guests start dropping like flies. Its up to Cindy to find out who is turning her special day into a total blood bath before her and Pierce end up honeymooning beyond the grave!

As mentioned (as well as some great gore and a couple of original death scenes) this film is all about the well written and well performed characters. I am pretty sure there were none that I DIDDNT enjoy which is amazing. My favourites include Pason as the nasty half sister Tiffany, a fantastically bitchy performance, Jordan Bates as Jim, quite possibly the crudest person I have ever heard on screen,  and Marguerite Insolia as the feisty Kitty. Both leads Ryan Sulak and Kate Murdoch are also very impressive as the loved up couple thrown into their worst nightmare!

I am very much going to be keeping my eye out on any future work from 'Sharkey Films' as this team sure know how to make something relentlessly entertaining. Get on over HERE to find out more about this hilarious, bloody and very fun slasher flick!

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