Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blood Was Everywhere (2011)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Jason Torrey

Written by  Jason Torrey

Stars: Ashley Arnold, Kimberly Simone, Larry Holden, Vanessa Leigh, Phillip Ristaino, John Westcott, Kevin Hayes, Ben Kirchmyer, Erin Lynch, Sherrie Lemire, Popi Kapiris, Paul Kratka, Dita Prenn, Adam Morey, Neal Howland

Blood Was Everywhere is a highly impressive, minimalist slasher flick which foregoes all typical bodycount movie conventions to create something original and compelling.

I have to say its not often that a film refusing to cooperate with any of the things I usually adore about slasher films makes such a strong impact. Don't get me wrong, I was impressed by writer/director Jason Torreys intent to make an original film and to truly scare viewers but, hey, I'm a Friday 13th guy at heart. Nonetheless this film really raises the bar for indie horror by slyly worming it's way into your head until you can't stop yourself thinking 'bloody hell...what if...'. That is something in a horror movie which must be commended in every way.


So plot wise its very simple. However it's this very simplicity which gives Blood Was Everywhere its undeniable edge. A small town in Massachusetts has found itself victim of a mysterious killer who is slowly but surely making his way round it's inhabitants. What works so well about this film is that it doesn't provide any stalking scenes, zero hokey phone calls threatening death, and no 'giveaway score' to signal the killers inevitable attack. No, none of these things occur, or are needed. Not knowing when this mad man is going to strike is an amazingly effective device which truly gets under your skin, particularly after the 30 minute mark when you are beginning to enjoy the core characters and their varying lifestyles. The movie then takes a surprising turn by taking a non linear route in terms of storytelling. This may cause a brief confusion and it's not presented to you on a plate, so you just have to think about it for a few seconds and all becomes clear. Plus this particular scene gives an insidiously creepy moment with our killer watching from very close by....


Further to the characters, the acting in this film is quite exceptional. I'm not sure there is even a weak performance to mention. In particular Ashley Arnold turned in a brilliant performance as the kind hearted Angela along with Kimberly Simone as her troubled friend Jessica. I also thought Larry Holden and Vanessa Leigh were unbelievably effective in their roles of a loving couple, a truly excellent job and these were probably my favourite characters. Similarly both Sherrie Lemire and Poppi Kapiris gave great performances as mother and her autistic daughter, if you didn't know for definite that they were not related, this film could easily fool you into believing that they were. Special mention should also go to as Angelas screw up brother Kevin (Phillip Ristaino), a really funny role indeed and I thought Phillip was a natural. On top of all of this you even get a small role from Mr 'eye popped out of head' himself, Paul Kratka, star of Friday 13 3D! This is also an important role and ties in with one of the films more horrifying moments.

There are many notable scenes in the film. The opening was brutal but exceptionally effective. One part of the scene you witness and I won't lie, its quite harrowing. The other part you simply hear but it's no less disturbing, perhaps even more so. Another scene which really got under my skin was a part in which a character gets into a vehicle and the driver, who he thinks he knows, gets in with him and drives them both off together. Now, you never even see or hear the characters reaction to realising its not his buddy driving but I think just using your imagination to wonder how that might have played out is very very unsettling. Also as previously mentioned, the scene where the killer is lurking, surveying his victims to be, is downright chilling.


You can preorder your very own copy of the film from the films official website and I strongly recommend that you do. Blood Was Everywhere is a film which deserves to be seen and it certainly sits as a favourite of mine so far this year! For even more information on the film please also visit its official  Facebook!

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