Monday, 20 August 2012

Paranormal Adoption (2012)


Directed by Carl Watts

Written by Carl Watts

Stars:Piper Watts, Marina Lyon, William Morse, Robbie Winston, Ed Dyer, Suzy Harbulak

Release: VOD, July 2012, (US) via and Itunes, 8 August 2012 (Wide release)

With a name like Paranormal Adoption, you make mistakenly expect yet another Paranormal Activity knock off. Don't make that mistake though please as this film is actually a really well made, excellently acted, spooky chiller which plays out much like a feature length horror anthology style episode.

Plot wise, the film features a young loving couple, Rich and Lynn, emotionally crippled by the death of their daughter in a devastating accident. After spending many months dealing with their loss and trying for another baby, the pair are presented with the opportunity to get to know 8 year old Lacy with a view to adopting her, if all goes well. As always, there is one catch in this scenario; Lacy comes with a friend, the insanely freakish looking doll 'Ms Rachel'. Trust me, you would not wish to wake up in the middle of the night to see this grinning anomaly sat at the end of your bed! Still, Lacy goes nowhere without Ms Rachel and in order to bring her into their lives, both must accept the second new addition to their family. Of course the adoption goes through and Lacy becomes an official member of the Thomas family.

Sadly it soon becomes apparent that little Lacy is not used to being denied her own way and her attachment to her doll is far more disturbing than simply a coping mechanism related to her biological parents deaths. As those around Lacy are subjected to inexplicable incidents, some far more serious than others, it becomes very clear that something is dangerously wrong with Lacy.

An immediate plus point going for this film is the acting. Both Marina Lyons and William Morse do a great job of portraying a deeply in love yet fractured pair and it's very easy to believe they are indeed an authentic couple. Likewise Piper Watts is scarily believable as the seemingly malignant Lacey. Here is a young madam you do not wish to upset believe me. There were once or two less effective performances but hey this is an independent film after after all! The film is also excellently shot, a very professional looking film for a low budgeter!

Notable scenes in the film include a nasty accident caused by Lacey against a classmate who is picking on her. This scene shows Ms Lacey physically acknowledge what Lacey has done and the damage she has caused - shudder!!! Also a creepy dinner table scene involving Ms Rachel's 'wandering' eyes..........
Whether Ms Rachel is in fact a doll with a life of its own or if there are more frightening forces at work is up to you to figure out. All I will say is that the ending provides a superbly chilling surprise which you may not have expected although it may also leave you with a few answered questions. A sequel to come perhaps?

Check out the films official Facebook page NOW! Definitely one to rent or buy via Amazon or iTunes - so go do it.... before Ms Rachel comes for you....

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