Wednesday 18 July 2012

From Beneath (2012)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by David Doucette

Written by David Doucette

Stars: Lauren Watson, Jamie Temple, Blake Retter, Nicole Smashnuk, Bella Hawkesboyd and Jasmine

Release: DVD (US) 23 October 2012, Courtesy of Midnight releasing

Forget Jaws, forget Piranha....why not take a dip and meet an underwater beastie which really gets under your skin? From Beneath is a tight, well paced little indie flick with brains and an extremely satisfying watch for this reviewer!

The film features Sam and Jason, a young city couple who head out to the sticks to pay a visit to Sams family who have recently relocated. Finding the house empty is only the beginning of the their troubles as a swim in a nearby lake exposes Jason to a perculiar, leech like organism which burrows into his leg. Following this incident both Jason and Sam are plagued with nightmarish incidents forcing them to attempt to work together to solve the disappearances of Sam's family and get to safety in one piece. However as Jasons actions get further out of control and Sams resolve begins to crumble, this fight may end up being one neither can win.

I thought From Beneath was exceptionally well made. Sure it was made on a low budget but its not painfully obvious as is the way with some films. Its professionally shot, edited and scored; true the score is minimilist but that suits the eerie and slow burning plot perfectly well. The acting from both Lauren Watson and Jamie Temple as Sam and Jason respectively was also excellent. I doubt viewers will have a hard time believing that these two are a couple as the chemistry is just right. Both also handle the heavier scenes involving outright grief and shock and pain superbly. I expect to see great things from these two in the future and will certainly be keeping my eye out.

Storywise I was also impressed. I like the whole 'unknown' creature angle and also that it resides in a lake in a creepy and deserted location. While you dont find out a great deal about exactly what it is, I think thats half the fun of the film. It could be anything and come from anywhere but scarily enough it exists and will cause harm to anyone who is luckless enough to come across it. That is the fear element right there.

Hats off to writer and director David Doucette as I am really excited for future films from this guy! As soon as you get the chance to pick this baby up on DVD in October, go right out and do so. In the meantime I strongly suggest paying a visit to the official movie website and also its Facebook page. I also advise checking the water you are about to submerge yourself in at all times.