Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blood Junkie (2010)

Directed by Drew Rosas

Written by Drew Rosas

Stars: Nick Sommer, Mike Johnson, Sarah Luther, Emily Treolo and Andrew Swant

Release: DVD (US)  May 10 2011, Courtesy of Troma Entertainment

This is exactly the kind of movie that made me want to start this blog in the first place. Slasher films set in the 80s which really capture the feel of those horror movies you grew up with to a fine detail. I have been lucky enough so far to review some of the best examples of this trend such as Panman, Presidents Day, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, Porkchop, The Sleeper, Raymond Did It and more - so why I let this little beauty slip under my radar is beyond me. I had heard of it and then I obviously forgot about it again because the current reviews would have made me buy a copy - even if I had no money left in my bank account! Many thanks to writer and director Drew Rosas for bringing the movie back to my attention and shipping me a copy so fast after ordering!

So Blood Junkie is set in 1989 and features a couple of teenage girls who make the wrong decision to join a couple of immature guys on a camping trip. Aside from the blood spill that awaits they have one further horror to deal with - Laura's kid brother Andy, who has been bribed not to breathe a word to his folks for a measly five dollars (should have aimed higher kid!) . I have to add that the kids in this movie had far bigger balls than I did at that age! Being the 80s and all with the lack of today's technologies - if Laura and Andys parents had have called to check in, they would have been screwed!

After a creepy campfire story it soon becomes clear, that in keeping with the theme of these types of movies, these kids are in the wrong woods. As they begin to be taken out one by one by a maniac wearing a creepy gas mask its do or die and lead girl Laura has to protect her brother and keep her own head!

As mentioned the film really does a great job of capturing the spirit of 80s horror movies. The hair, the clothes, the music, the pot smoking and a villain you could start a franchise with - all elements which are excellently detailed. The soundtrack is great - in places it reminded me of (actually another Troma release I just realised!) Girls School Screamers - not a bad thing mind - I'm probably in the minority but I LOVE that movie!  I thought Nick Sommer and Mike Johnson were very naturally funny as lead guys Craig and Teddy and  I also really enjoyed the wilder of the two lead girls 'Rachel' , played by Emily Treolo. That said I really didnt have an issue with any of the acting.

Blood Junkie comes highly recommended for those looking for a gory, funny and nostalgic good time. Its well made with a loving detail to 80s slasher flicksso it more than gets my vote! Check out the official movie website where you can grab a copy.... while you are there check out the new movie from Drew Rosas and co; Billy Club, which looks like its going to be another excellent slasher flick with, I have to say, the most awesome looking of killers!

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