Thursday, 26 April 2012

Familiar (2012) (short)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Richard Powell

Written by Richard Powell

Produced by Zach Green

Stars Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza and Cathryn Hostick

Richard Powell follows up the unsettling Worm with a similarly themed but altogether more horrifying short; Familiar.

Jon, a married man with a teenage daughter  goes about his day to day life while buried beneath his facade is a plethora of angry and horrifying thoughts directed at his oblivious family. Why is this Jon mad, evil....or something else? Bringing back the excellent Robert Nolan to play lead character 'Jon Dodd' (note that the scary character he played in Worm was named 'Geoffrey Dodd') was a wise move. Yet again he superbly plays a quiet and unassuming  man with something very very bad lurking under the surface and he is just a real talent to watch.

The short film packs quite the punch in its 24 minute running time. It is excellently scripted with Jon's vicious thoughts drawing you in and than dragging you along, albeit willingly, to the squirm inducing, eye opening finish. I couldn't give away where this short film ends up going but I will say you will be shocked, disgusted and amazed in equal measure. The climax of the film is the polar opposite of the low key, yet thought provoking ending of Worm and body horror fans are going to LOVE it.

You should also note that this is an idependent production so the fact that it is shot so inrcedibly professionally makes it further stand out from the crowd. There is no chopy editing, headache worthy cutaway scenes and the dialogue is delivered with crystal clear audio.

Please check out this exclusive clip from the movie and for the chance to see it  VERY soon it is screening  at Texas Frightmare Weekend. May 4,5 and 6!

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