Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fear Eats The Seoul (2010)


(Screener Copy)

Directed by Nick J Calder

Written by Nick J Calder

Stars: Amber Green, Elinza Pretorius, Miles Meili, Nick J Calder, Hyun Do

Nick Calders Fear Eats The Seoul offers an interesting and original spin on the zombie (more like demon in this case) apocalypse scenario.

I was excited to check out this movie after viewing the trailer. It looked dark, creepy and action packed and the setting of a bleak and desolate South Korea gave it a fresh look. Although the film turned out to be a lot more dialogue heavy and lower on the action than I anticipated it was still an involving and original watch.

The story centres on four English teachers who had travelled to Korea to work only to eventually find themselves in a devastating and terrifying predicament with seemingly no hope for rescue. It turns out that in the time since the four arrived, the whole of South Korea has been afflicted by a mysterious horror , turning the population into freakish demons with the scariest looking claws you will likely see in a horror movie. Being lucky enough to be alive and thus far unaffected by the epidemic the four must figure out a way to get to safety or face the gruesome transformation into demon as they have seen happen to so many others. One break of the skin from one of these creatures and that's exactly what will happen. Add to this the personal demons of the four characters and effective flashbacks to their arrivals in Seoul before the horror began and you have a far more complex and layered movie than it might have been. Watching to find out if any of these characters would be lucky enough to make it to safety and normality makes for tense, edge of the seat viewing. I wont spoil anything by eleborating on this though!

The demon effects in Fear Eats The Seoul are incredible. The makeup work is second to none on the facial disfigurements and as previously mentioned, the claws are indeed scary. Think Freddy Kruegers glove mutated x10 and you have it! 

 The actors all do a great job in the movie. I found Amber Green as sacastic 'Nadia' to be extremely natural and she has some great/funny lines. Elinza Pretorius as 'Mary' also has a brilliantly acted scene involving an uncomfotable conversation with a slighty, shall we say crazy, young lady.

The movie is extremely well shot and absolutely looks like a big screen release. Nick makes the most of the setting to create a sprawling and treacherous wasteland. The score is also both haunting and appropriate for the dire situation unfolding.

I really look forward to hearing more about a wide release for the movie and would highly recommend checking it out. You can find out more about the movie over at the official Facebook page.

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