Tuesday 11 August 2015

Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh (2014)

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Written and Directed by Jakob Bilinski

Stars: Bill Gobin, Jim Dougherty, Kayla Crance, Angela Steele, Rosalind Rubin, Scott Ganyo 

Congratulations to Jakob Bilinski for creating a slasher movie with a nice giallo feel, but that still very much has its own identity. I am sure the man himself will tell you I have had my beady eye on this for sometime and I do hope I didn't raise my interest to stalker levels, although I will say how pleased I was to get to see and review it.

Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh starts out with a gruesome murder which sets the tone and plot for the remainder of the film - a film that it dark, bleak, unapologetic but ultimately entertaining throughout. That can be a hard task for any film maker, for a 80-90 minute movie but this movie runs for over 2 hours! I am so glad to say that's not at all a criticism and like I say, this film is entertaining for its run time. Back to the plot, Bill Gobin plays  hard arsed Dominic, angry and haunted man who is forced to return to his home town following the gruesome death of his niece. Taking his unhappy teenage daughter Kendall (Kayla Crance) with him Dominic is forced to face the family and townsfolk he left behind - and find his nieces killer before it literally kills him.

What transpires from here is a dark journey which exposes a town shrouded in mystery - its hard to tell who is good, bad or in between as Dominic pulls out all the stops to bring a killer down. A killer who is just getting started... not to mention all of the other strange happenings occurring all around the town.

I can honestly say I haven't seen a film quite like this one. Its got a number of elements which together make for an intriguing murder mystery (and far more going on than just that) with colorful and quirky characters and a real sense of 'oh shit did that just happen??'.

Speaking of the characters - Dominic is bad bad bad man for the way he curses to and in front of his teenage daughter - its arguably abuse! That said, Bill Gobin does an excellent job in his role as a truly tormented man whose pain could be increased ten fold by the time his journey is done. Kayla Crance is equally as good as Dominic's daughter Kendall - she has clearly learnt her language from dear old pa and is feisty and fun along with it. Rosalind Rubin in her role as the mysterious Kacie is also one to watch.

Finally I want to point out how well made this film is - it may be an independent picture sure but its shot and filmed perfectly. It looks fresh and new and full of vibrant colors which only help to compliment  its giallo feel. I am already a huge fan of Jakobs work from his short films so now I can see what he is capable of with two whole hours I am real excited.

Check out Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh on Facebook and I hope to be able to give you news on an official DVD release real soon.

On a final note....the ending of this film.... sweet hell.......

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