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Peelers (2016)

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Directed by Sevé Schelenz

Written by Lisa DeVita and Sevé Schelenz

Stars: Wren Walker, Caz Odin Darko, Madison J. Loos, Cameron Dent, Al Dales, Momona Komogata, Kirsty Peters, Nikki Wallin.

I am beyond pleased that Sevé Schelenz, a true gent it must be said, reached out to ask me to check out his newest film knowing how much I loved his previous effort Skew. A very different beast to the previous found footage shocker, Peelers is a gung-ho gory and gratuitous carnage fest...and I loved it,

Peelers tells the  story of a strip club filled with a variety of interesting characters, mostly all likable (some purposefully not so) that falls foul of a deadly disease brought in by some infected customers. Its up to the amazingly tough and sassy Blue Jean (Wren Walker) to try to stop the bloodshed and save her friends/loved ones, her bar and herself from the onslaught! To that end there is gore galore on offer here - body parts flying all over the shop, leaking bodily fluids, impalement's and much much more. Family friendly Peelers aint but therein lies the appeal.

The cast all do a great job. Clearly Wren Walker is the standout and its easy to see why she was chosen to play the ballsy but caring character of Blue - strictly NOT Blowjob- Jean. I enjoyed the other strippers as well particularly Nikki Wallin as Baby, she was a lot of fun. Momona Komogata is also really endearing as Frankie and has some great lines. Finally Madison J. Loos as Wrens bad lad son Logan is another great character, played really naturally with some fantastic dialogue between him and his onscreen mother.

The script is fab - Lisa DeVita's writing elevates the film to another level, juxtaposing engaging comedy with splattery horror and also giving us really rootable characters with some brilliant dialogue. Solid direction from Sevé Schelenz also who has got so much more to work with outside of the found footage format and really gives his all in Peelers providing an horror film that is rife with action a la From Dusk Till Dawn. What a team these two make; if not a Peelers 2 then I still hope these guys come together again at some point for another project.

In short this Peelers is completely nuts in the best possible way and I dare anyone not to admit that its total fun to watch. A true popcorn movie for the fans.

Peelers is out now on VOD in the US with the DVD arriving July 4th and is also coming to Canada on VOD on July 11th. Hopefully its on its way to UK really soon!

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