Wednesday 2 January 2013

True Nature (2010)

Screener Copy)

Directed by Patrick Steele

Written by  Patrick Steele

Stars: Carolyn McCormick, Marianne Porter, Reg Land, David Darlow, John Woodruff, Marc Pitman, Michael Accardo and Kevin R. Kelly, Rob Riley, Maryann Nagel, Rohn Thomas, Christopher Popio, Jeremy Shouldis, Ellen Savaria, Kristine Logan.

Release: DVD (US) January 22 2013 courtesy of Monarch Home Video.

Many thanks to Patrick Steele for agreeing to share his supernatural thriller True Nature with me for review. I am pleased to say the film is a solid and well made chiller and has certainly kicked off my year of reviewing off in style.
The plot of the movie is centred around the Pascal family who are lucky enough to have all they could ever possibly want in life. However the families picture perfect existence is soon horrifically rocked when college student daughter Marianne disappears one night while she is out running. It is Marianne reappearance one year later, an apparent victim of amnesia that provides the key mystery of the film and as a viewer I was sucked right into proceedings, eager to learn the truth about what happened to Marianne.

What I immediately liked about this film as well as the fantastic acting, was the true reflection of everyday family life within the Pascal home. True these people have all they need to live a fulfilling and comfortable life but they still have their (realistic) problems. Mother Becky (Carolyn McCormick) is over protective and pushy where Marianne is concerned, father Reg (Reg Porter) works a lot of hours and Marianne bemoans the fact that she just isn't free enough. Clearly though this being a film dark in tone there is FAR more going on behind this wealthy little facade and it is Mariannes disappearance and subsequent reappearance which acts as the catalyst for all of the deep dark Pascal secrets to come tumbling out. Oh and tumbling out they do. This film really knocked me for six once it got going and it builds up to a most satisfying climaxes that you may not see coming. I am not going to disclose any spoilers here  but what I will say is that the truth about what happened to Marianne on that fateful night is both disturbing and heartbreaking and anyone who may have been involved are not going to come out unscathed.... Trust me when I say that the ending is insane.

As I said before there are some great performances in this film. The three leads, all members of the Pascal family are pretty much perfect in their roles. Marianne Porter plays the damaged daughter with ease, making you feel her torment at whatever dark event has led up to her current state. Reg Porter is superb as the secretive and shady father whose actions will likely keep you hooked until the end to find out what truths lie beneath the surface. My favourite performance however was Carolyn McComick as Becky Pascal. Carolyn plays a fine mixture of over protective mother and snobbish socialite with ease. You are never quite sure if her perfectly manicured lifestyle or her daughters well being is forefront of her mind, despite how much she clearly seems to care for Marianne. For this reason Becky was the most interesting and layered character for me and her final scene may leave you with some questions..

Patrick Steele has not only written an extremely tight and engaging script for True Nature but he has also made a film with keen emphasis on stylish direction. The film has lots of interesting shots throughout which work best when they veer from a slightly more normal scene to one of Mariannes many violent flashbacks. Great stuff.

I highly recommend this film. It will be availiable on DVD in the US on  January 22 2013 (Amazon link)  and I strongly urge you grab a copy, I dont think you will be let down. In the meantime, check out the films official website site HERE. Very much looking forward to Patrick Steeles next movie thats for sure!

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